There are some great resources online to help you find queer books, especially if you are an adult sci-fi and fantasy fan like me. Here are some of my go-to resources.

1.Crini/@xcrini on Instagram

Crini is one of my favourite resources for queer adult SFF. She has amazing recommendations, fantastic lists of new releases, and lists to help diversify your queer reading. In addition to her blog, Crini is also active on instagram where she posts beautiful photos and thoughtful reviews.

2. Queer SFF Database

If you have ever googled queer SFF you have probably come across this website, but it is such a fantastic tool. The Queer Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Database let’s you search for books based on a number of specifications. From fat rep, disability rep, and neurodiversity rep to race, types of relationships, queer identity, and a number of subgenres. This is a fantastic tool for trying to find specific types of books.

3. K. A. Doore

K. A. Doore is a queer author of the (also very queer) Chronicles of Ghadid. Besides writing queer stories, she also puts together lists of new queer releases and her twitter is full of her screaming about new queer books. It’s honestly my favourite marketing tactic ever. And she shouts about all the queer books. All of them.